Biometrics in Air Travel

The surge in biometric technology, particularly facial recognition, within the aviation sector is poised to redefine the passenger experience at airports across the world. In this round up, we take a look at a range of automated border control initiatives from across the globe.

Biometrics - March 1, 2024 midnight

What Can Airport Iris Recognition Systems Learn from Apple?

Optic ID, an iris authentication system developed by Apple, is a key feature integrated into Apple’s new Vision Pro headset. This technology enables users to securely unlock their device, authorise transactions, access personal data, and sign-in to various applications using iris recognition.

Free - March 1, 2024 midnight

Biometric Identification: How DNA Provides Best-in-Class Security

Whether it’s airport security checks or facial recognition on smartphones, biometric identification solutions are an integral part of our everyday lives, and the next generation is ready and waiting. DNA-based processes not only enable the accurate identification of citizens, but also raise data protection to a new level.

Biometrics - December 25, 2023 12:01 a.m.

IDEMIA Facial Recognition in India

IDEMIA, the identity technologies and biometric solutions provider, has been selected by the airport operator, GMR Group, to implement Digi Yatra’s facial recognition technology-powered boarding system at India’s Delhi, Hyderabad, and Goa airports.

Biometrics - October 5, 2023 12:01 a.m.

Vision-Box Installs eGates at Ezeiza Airport

Multinational technology company, Vision-Box, has deployed its Seamless Journey Platform in the new terminal at Ezeiza, Argentina’s largest international airport by passenger numbers.

Biometrics - July 3, 2023 midnight

Apple on the Biometric ID Trail Again

While the tech giant, Apple, is essentially a consumer electronics firm that produces stylish smartphones, laptops, desktops and TVs, it is also a big user of biometrics to verify the identity of the user. Even more than that, it has never shied away from following other research areas that involve identity as a service.

Free - July 3, 2023 midnight

AI OK but Biometrics Not

A small article in the news section of March’s ID & Secure Document News noted that at the same time as European Union lawmakers are on track to ban the use of remote biometric surveillance for general law enforcement purposes, France had approved the deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor public spaces for suspicious behaviour during the 2024 Paris Olympics.

AI - June 1, 2023 midnight

Branded at Birth

Definitive proof that fingerprints are a unique biometric at birth has been published by a team of academic researchers in the journal Cell. But while the paper seems to confirm that they are unique – are fingerprints immutable and reliable?

Biometrics - March 2, 2023 midnight