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ID & Secure Document News monitors and analyses the significant developments in personal identification and authentication – whether in the physical, digital or virtual worlds – with with a keen and critical eye.

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The global ID market and the trend towards e-ID programmes with systems married to secure documents is dynamic, growing and developing at a rapid pace. 

ID and Secure Document News is published monthly to bring you informed, considered, and thought-provoking reports on the latest news in this dynamic market, with expert analysis and insight. It is the comprehensive one-stop source of information for everyone involved in the specification, production, protection, personalisation, integration and issue of personal ID documents and the data they contain.

What ID & Secure Document News Cover

  • The latest in security features, methods and systems for all government-issued identification documents, including passports, ID and health cards, drivers licences, visas, breeder documents, certificates and permits etc.
  • Developments in biometrics and smart card technologies
  • Specifications, directives and characteristics of new ID and travel documents
  • Production, personalisation and integration systems and equipment
  • Devices for data capture, verification, and forensic analysis
  • Corporate developments among component, systems and finished product suppliers
  • Case studies showcasing examples of new travel and ID programmes around the world
  • Specifications, directives and standards from ICAO, the EU, ISO and other international organisations
  • New contracts and tenders
  • Market projections
  • Systems and solutions for the future

Who Should Read ID & Secure Document News

  • Government departments/agencies for home affairs, immigration, border control and homeland security
  • Law enforcement and document examiners
  • State and commercial printers
  • Developers of substrates, security features, inlays and laminates
  • Suppliers of cards, chips and biometric technologies
  • Providers of personalisation technologies
  • Suppliers and integrators of passport and ID systems
  • Equipment and systems manufacturers for credentials, enrolment, production and personalisation, finishing, analysis, readers and terminals
  • Investors, analysts and consultants

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July 2021

EU COVID Passport Goes Live

As of 1 July 2021, all European Union citizens and residents, as well as specific …

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June 2021

Plans For a New European Digital Identity

The proposal comes after a consultation that collected views from stakeholders on planned revisions to …

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May 2021

China’s International Travel Health Certificate

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China officially launched China’s ‘International Travel …

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“Essential reading for government departments and agencies, law enforcement and document examiners as well as printing works and technology providers”


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