New Document Issues

In this round up of recent new secure document issues, we record new card designs for the US states of Arizona and Virginia, and the new Swiss driving licence.

Free - May 5, 2023 midnight

White House Wants $1.6B to Attack Identity Theft and Fraud

The US administration released a three-part proposal on 2 March asking Congress for $1.6 billion to help provide federal agencies and local governments with more funding to handle pandemic-related fraud claims, modernise identity verification systems, and support victims of identity theft.

Free - April 1, 2023 midnight

Blueprint for Facial Recognition Regulation

A new report from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Human Technology Institute outlines a model law for facial recognition technology to protect against harmful use of the technology, but also foster innovation for public benefit.

Free - November 4, 2022 midnight

Who Can You Trust with Your ID Data?

The misuse of personal data is seen as a potential drag on the growth of the ID and secure document sector. But who do people feel they can trust more to protect their ID data – government or the private sector?

Free - October 4, 2022 midnight

Experts Call for Plans to Harmonise Taxi Licencing in UK

Currently, there are around 280 local authorities setting distinct rules, processes and fees for motorists wanting to obtain a taxi licence in the UK. But industry experts are now calling for plans to harmonise the procedures in line with the principles of ‘fill it out once’.

Free - September 5, 2022 midnight