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Why Doesn’t the Public Trust Facial Recognition?

Does the track record of some firms who capture peoples’ facial images without their consent make it impossible for facial recognition to get a fair hearing in the court of public opinion – or are there deeper issues concerning the technology?

Digital Identity - June 9, 2022 12:01 a.m.

News in Brief

As a side event to the 78th session of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), the UN hosted ‘Building a More Resilient Future with Inclusive Civil Registration and Vital Statistics – Strengthening Linkages with the Health Sector’.

Free - June 9, 2022 midnight

The Bad, the Very Bad and the Bits In Between

The use of fake ID’s has for some time been linked with a whole range of serious crimes including terrorism and people smuggling as well as, at the other end of the criminality spectrum, less serious misdemeanours such as under-age drinking.

Fraud Detection - June 9, 2022 midnight

Elon Musk Wants to Authenticate All Twitter Users

Behind the ‘will-he-won’t-he’ and the ‘can-he-can’t-he’ stories of Elon Musk’s attempts to acquire Twitter lurks another equally interesting tussle about identity, and how we assert and verify it when we are not physically present.

Authentication - June 9, 2022 midnight

Bangladesh Smart Driving Licence Delivery in Limbo

Some one million Bangladeshi drivers are currently driving with an ‘acknowledgment slip’, but they are not able to apply for government and private jobs as they don’t have smart driving licence cards.

Driving Licences - June 9, 2022 midnight

Sri Lanka ID Gearing Up to Go Digital

Sri Lanka’s unique digital ID project, prepared jointly by the Sri Lanka Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) and the Department of Registration of Persons, is about to go live, according to news reports in the country.

Digital Identity - June 9, 2022 midnight

Company News

Apple, Google and Microsoft have all agreed to implement the password-less system proposed by the FIDO Alliance. The body has announced that the three companies have committed to phasing out passwords.

News - June 9, 2022 midnight

Pack your Passport for Tallinn!

After the success of the Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum™, Malta (16-18 May), the next opportunity for the ID and secure document industry to come together is at the High Security Printing™ EMEA conference in Tallinn, Estonia (13-15 June).

Events - June 9, 2022 midnight

ODDS 2022 – a Constant in an Industry in Transition

Experts, government representatives, technologists and commentators gathered in Austria’s stunning capital city of Vienna (11-13 April) to share recent technical developments in the fields of optical and digital document security.

Events - May 4, 2022 midnight

Countries Continue to Explore Digital Identity

Whilst pockets of personally identifiable information exist in all countries’ civil registries, some in physical documents but increasingly in digital records, not all countries are at the same stage of establishing a national digital identity.

Digital Identity - May 4, 2022 midnight

News in Brief

Residents of Luxembourg now have access to a mobile ID app designed to act as a kind of authentication companion to the country’s physical ID card.

News - May 4, 2022 midnight

The 20-Year History of Estonia’s eID Card

Estonia has, for a long time, been recognised as a tech-savvy country – boasting the highest number of tech-startups per person in the world. It took a step further into the eState provision of citizen services in 2002 with the introduction of the ID card.

ID Cards - March 31, 2022 midnight