Veridos Launches New Security Features

Veridos, a global provider of integrated identity solutions, is set to unveil a new range of security features specifically aimed at protecting the transparent window areas on ID documents, namely Amber ID, Diamond ID and Spectre ID.

Technical Features - January 3, 2023 midnight

Veridos Presents New Verification Devices

Veridos, a leading provider of integrated identity solutions, announced the launch of its new VeriCHECK SelfKiosk and M600 document reader at this year’s Future Travel Experience Global.

Authentication - October 4, 2022 12:01 a.m.

Landqart and TECH5 Announce Partnership

Manufacturer of secure substrates Landqart and TECH5, an innovator in the field of biometrics and digital identity management, have announced a partnership agreement to provide a solution for certificate-based documents which are secure, durable, and biometrically verifiable against the holder.

Company - September 5, 2022 midnight

Deloitte Unveils ‘Agile Identity’

In an article published in June’s edition of Deloitte Insights, the consultancy firm sets out a new vision of identity and claims that the future of government rests on the future of identity.

Company - August 1, 2022 midnight

Veridos Sees the Road Ahead

The future of sovereign identity documents such as ID cards, passports and driving licences is virtual – according to leading provider of integrated identity solutions, Veridos. However, there are still some key challenges to overcome, with IDs remaining ‘phygital’ for the time being.

Company - July 6, 2022 midnight

Why Doesn’t the Public Trust Facial Recognition?

Does the track record of some firms who capture peoples’ facial images without their consent make it impossible for facial recognition to get a fair hearing in the court of public opinion – or are there deeper issues concerning the technology?

Digital Identity - June 9, 2022 midnight

Company News

The European Union’s new entry-exit system (EES) is scheduled to start in May 2022 and will help to make the entry and exit of third-country nationals simpler, more transparent and more secure. People from third countries will have to register with their fingerprints and a facial image when entering the Schengen area.

Company - February 1, 2022 midnight