Mexico-US Border: A Tale of Two States

After the ‘build the wall’ years of the Trump administration, the US is now coming to terms with the fact that it’s not only people but also goods and services that want to cross the Mexico-US border: as these two examples from Texas and Arizona demonstrate.

Government - March 31, 2022 midnight

The Strange Case of the IRS and Facial Recognition

In what looks like a fairly hasty policy revision, the US Inland Revenue Service has modified its position that online tax filers would be required to submit a selfie to a third-party identity verification company in order to access their accounts.

Government - March 3, 2022 midnight

G20 Declaration Recognises Digital ID’s Importance

Digital ministers from the G20 group of leading world economies met in Trieste, Italy, at the beginning of August to further discuss digitalisation as a key enabler for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals in its three economic, social and environmental dimensions, in line with the G20 priorities for 2021 of People, Planet and Prosperity.

Government - September 1, 2021 midnight

US Voter Identity Requirements and ID Laws

On 6 January 2021 a mob stormed the US Capitol carrying placards bearing the ‘Stop the Steal’ emblem, which supported the notion that widespread voter identity fraud had distorted the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election. At the heart of the claim were allegations of vote rigging by a variety of means – most of which required voters taking on false identities.

Government - September 1, 2021 midnight