Veridos Leads the Way with Sustainable Product Portfolio

So far this year, I have interviewed two of Veridos’ senior management team for ID & Secure Document News™ – CEO, Marc-Julian Siewert and CFO, Dr Christian Thywissen. Both executives stressed the identity solutions company’s goal to be completely CO2 – neutral by 2040.

Interview - November 3, 2023 midnight

In My Opinion – Marc-Julian Siewert

In this occasional series of interviews, we ask leading figures in the world of ID and secure documents their opinions on some of the pressing concerns facing the industry today.

Interview - May 5, 2023 midnight

Dr Christian Thywissen – a CFO’s Point of View

The role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in any large company is to provide financial stability to the organisation through leadership in financial planning, accounting, budgeting and reporting. But as this far-reaching profile of Dr Christian Thywissen, CFO of Veridos, shows, the role can take you into many other areas of business activity.

Company - April 1, 2023 midnight

A Leader with a Strong Purpose

Veridos is one of the key players in the industry, so Francis Tuffy – editor of IDN – sat down with Marc-Julian, newly appointed CEO and Chair of the Management Board, to learn a little more about the leader and his strong purpose.

Interview - March 2, 2022 midnight