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Veridos Launches New Security Features

Veridos, a global provider of integrated identity solutions, is set to unveil a new range of security features specifically aimed at protecting the transparent window areas on ID documents, namely Amber ID, Diamond ID and Spectre ID.

Technical Features - January 3, 2023 midnight

META Announces LumaChrome for Government Issued Cards

Functional materials company META has announced that its LumaChrome colour-shifting film can now be applied as a security feature for embedded polycarbonate government identity cards, eIDs and immunity cards through a new digital demetalisation process.

ID Cards - November 4, 2022 midnight

IDEMIA Unveils LASINK™ Helios

IDEMIA has launched a new security feature, based on optically variable elements, that combines colour personalisation and DOVID technologies to secure secondary portraits.

Technical Features - December 22, 2021 midnight