New Smartphone Report Released

Reconnaissance International is pleased to announce the release of its new publication – ‘Smartphones for Authentication’ – the only publication of its kind.

Reports - November 3, 2023 midnight

Branded at Birth

Definitive proof that fingerprints are a unique biometric at birth has been published by a team of academic researchers in the journal Cell. But while the paper seems to confirm that they are unique – are fingerprints immutable and reliable?

Biometrics - March 2, 2023 midnight

The Importance of ID Data Intermediaries

For many years, the ID and secure document industry has understood the potential that universal citizen identity would have for increasing worldwide economic development. And now, a WEF think-tank has produced a 46-page report illustrating the potential benefit of a worldwide unifying digital ID data management policy.

Free - March 31, 2022 midnight

Are Governments Ready for Digital Transformation?

The Hype Cycle™ is a well-established graphical tool used to represent the trigger, adoption, maturity and application of a specific technology and so characterise the complete life cycle of that technology’s adoption.

Reports - December 22, 2021 midnight

New Report Explores Printing Beyond Colour

Many technologies and features with their roots in commercial printing have made, and continue to make, a substantial contribution to secure document production. However, these technologies have for the most part been concerned with producing visual colours, perceived by the unaided eye as conventional colour printing.

Reports - December 22, 2021 midnight