New Document Issues

In this round up of recent new secure document issues, we record new card designs for the US states of Arizona and Virginia, and the new Swiss driving licence. 

New Arizona Driving Licence and ID Card 

The Arizona Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) started issuing updated versions of the cards with a brand new design and upgraded security features in mid-March, for the Travel ID (or REAL ID), the standard driving licence and ID card.

Arizona driving licence (© Arizona DMV, Thales).

As part of a new contract with Thales, these new designs will pay homage to several Arizona features, such as saguaros and ponderosa pine trees.

Other new features of the card include:

  • 100% polycarbonate material that consists of multiple layers fused together without adhesives, to form a solid structure impervious to tampering. The high durability of polycarbonate also provides the longest lifespan of any material, allowing for extended card life without compromise. 

  • Laser-engraved information and black and white photo of the cardholder. 

  • Two high-resolution images which appear at different viewing angles of the card. This will allow greater assurance in authentication while protecting against duplication or reproduction. 

  • ‘Secure Surface’, incorporating a slightly raised (tactile) surface that provides a subtle feel to part of the card. It is another quick authenticator for law enforcement and other authorities. It also helps reduce potential alterations or fraudulent cards. 

New Swiss Driving Licence 

From 15 April, Switzerland started to issue a new driving licence that includes security features embossed on the surface and a QR code lasered on the reverse of the card that, when scanned, reveals the personal data shown on the front of the card. 

Like current Swiss identity cards, it is made of polycarbonate. In addition, it will include security features embossed on the surface and different colours and information displays depending on the viewing angle.

Swiss driving licence (© ASA).

Since January 2023, all driving licences have been produced in a central national printing centre. Prior to this, more than 50 cantonal printing stations produced licences. Centralised production allows the printing of more complex higher security features.

Virginia Driving Licence and ID Card 

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has released a refreshed design of Virginia driving licences and ID cards. 

The new credentials incorporate the next generation of enhanced security features that are resistant to counterfeiting and illustrate the beauty of iconic Virginia imagery. While the current credential offers a view of the outside of the Virginia State Capitol, the new card takes Virginians inside for a look at the magnificent rotunda dome. 

Nature lovers will spot in the new design the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly, Virginia’s official insect, and the American Dogwood, the state flower.

Virginia driving licence (© Virginia DMV).

Some features remain the same as the previous cards issued since 2009. Banner colours are distinct for rapid recognition. The driving licence banner is blue, and the ID card banner is green. Driving licence and ID cards for adults are still landscape, and cards issued to those under age 21 are portrait.

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